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Health Protocols

As we again gather for in-person worship, we've enacted the following procedures as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Please wear a mask. Those who cannot wear a mask for medical reasons will be provided a face shield.

  • Every other pew will remain empty. Please practice physical distancing.

  • As difficult as it is for us Moravians, we ask that participants refrain from singing while in the Congregation.

  • Please avoid handshaking and hugging.

  • Plates will not be passed, but will remain in one spot for people to drop in their offerings. Thank you for your generosity to our church.

  • Please try to refrain from long and lingering conversations inside the Church.

  • Please plan to RSVP when you will be in person. This helps ensure we will have space for all attendees to sit during service. You can do so by clicking here.

By reserving your space for in-person worship, you acknowledge that you have read the COVID-19 protocols for the Church and are aware that due to the nature of COVID-19 (coronavirus), there is a risk associated with attending a group gathering of any kind. We have and will continue to take all steps as outlined in the COVID-19 protocols to keep all attendees safe. However, you and anyone in your family unit attending in-person worship are entering the Sanctuary at your own risk.


By verbalizing your attendance to our church staff, you agree that you waive and release Palmyra Moravian Church from any and all liability related directly or indirectly to contracting COVID-19 (coronavirus) or any other related illness or disease. 

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