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Palmyra Moravian Church

What Do You Have in Common With Pastor Darrell?

Favorite Vacation Spot: Hawaii (once – thank you father-in-law, Lee) and Virginia Beach (frequently)

Food or Snack: Steak and Broccoli and Golden (vanilla) Oreos

Color: Blue

Sports Teams: Philadelphia 76ers and Eagles; Cleveland (Believeland) Cavs and Browns, LA Lakers (with LeBron James), Ohio State University

Books: Soulsalsa by Len Sweet, A Generous Orthodoxy by Brian McLaren, and The Divine Dance by Richard Rohr

Holiday: Christmas (it is both joyful and triumphant!)

Most interesting historic person: Abraham Lincoln

Most interesting Old Testament person: King David

Most interesting New Testament person: (Is this a trick question? Must we all answer 'Jesus'...ha) Otherwise...Zaccheus

Favorite hymn: Jesus Makes My Heart Rejoice

Birthday: December 28th, 1961

Least favorite chore: Shopping

Somewhere you would like to visit: Colorado, Herrnhut, The Holy Land

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